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December 8, 2018

This sweet 16 was FABULOUS.  Who needs Tiffany's when you have Taylor.

Ohhh what a night.  The ultimate compliment is "This is the best dance this school has ever had".  2nd time in less than a month that I've heard this.  Must be doing something right.  So glad I can offer fun, friendly,safe , and "LIT", dj services to our youth....

This princess stayed true to her roots.  In addition to mainstream hits, she had to have African and Reggae music.

February 17, 2018

Happy Sweet 16 to this beautiful young queen.  She Wrocked the party in her ice blue gown and mask.  She set the tone and they partied hard LOL!


 It was their first school dance and I'm glad I was able to add to its success!  Awesome time!

Who doesn't love a "Mansion Party"!?!?  

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