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Ohhh what a night.  The ultimate compliment is "This is the best dance this school has ever had".  2nd time in less than a month that I've heard this.  Must be doing something right.  So glad I can offer fun, friendly,safe , and "LIT", dj services to our youth....

Had to be at least 300 high schoolers there.  Word is that this was the best school dance they've ever had!  

SOOOO this was my first Bulls Roast.  I wore my green hair and dress to match the team colors.  Everyone loved it!  Mixed crowd of adults, pretty laid back at first, but I got them to work off that food by the end of the night.  Lots of giveaways, good food, and a good...

 It was their first school dance and I'm glad I was able to add to its success!  Awesome time!

Who doesn't love a "Mansion Party"!?!?  

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