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September 12, 2017

I can't ice skate, but I can Wrock the rink.  Humbled to return and Wrock the rink in support of their Breast Cancer fund raiser event.

I had never DJ'd a Indian wedding or played any music of this style.  But I was determined to get it right!!!  I studied and asked for some of their favs.  The reception was a hit!  All smiles at the end of the night!

Dressed in all white, dance shoes strapped tight.  

Everyone should have at least 1 party to celebrate life.  This queen had her first party for her 51st Birthday!

His music is as electric as his style.  The energy in the room that day was magical.  One of DC's finest!


This one was special because they were honoring "US" as women.  Not only did I DJ but I was proud to represent the Fire Department as well.  

Had the opportunity to Wrock every kitchen and living room in the DMV!

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