Wroyal has helped to create some beautiful memories and looks forward to creating memories like these with you.

Krishna and Barion's wedding at the Carlyle Club was wonderful.  It had this classic, vintage feel that made you feel like you had taken a step into the past.  It felt like old school night life and I loved it!  Congratulations Krishna and Barion!  It was my pleasure c...

They say the bride should include these items on her wedding day for good luck.  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.  Well if the "blue" carries more weight than the rest then this bride should have the best luck in the world.  Blue upligh...

EVERYONE wears white!!!  Tasha and Stephon decided they wanted all their guests to wear ALL WHITE at the Mainstreet Ballroom and it came out beautifully.  Of course I wore my white too! Oh and check out the custom monogram I made for them and the uplighting that I used...

Not your typical barn wedding!!!  Mona and Jamie really know how to party.  These two may look like such sweethearts, but you better believe they are true rock stars.  The groom Jamie twerks when necessary and the bride Mona sings on que.

I absolutely love their "Love story".  Let's just say, love at first sight for these two.

Black ties and ballgowns.  Love in the air, all around.  Blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Patterson.  

December 20, 2018

After partying with the Rock Creek Foundation last year, they invited me back. Grateful for the opportunity to "Wrock" the party 2 years in a row.  

So happy to celebrate Diana's 21st? birthday.  I never did figure out how old she was.  Happy Birthday Diana!

80's themed holiday party!  Played all the hits from the 80's.  Awesome night!

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